Common Tree Replacement Questions

I have had my city tree removed. When can I expect a replacement?

Trees are planted from Spring through to Fall each year. The stump of your old tree must be removed before we can plant a new one. Request your tree early.

Can I have my new tree planted where the old one was?

No. Tree stumps are removed to a maximum depth of 30 cm. This is not deep enough to accommodate a new tree. The new tree will be planted at least 1 metre away from where the old stump was.

I used to have a tree planted in the boulevard. Can I have my new one planted in the same boulevard?

Trees will not be planted in any boulevard where the width of the grass area is less than 1.75 meters.

I requested a tree more than one year ago. Should I call to confirm my request is still active?

Contact the City at 546-CITY (2489) if you have been waiting over a year for a tree.

Do not complete an online form if you already requested a tree.

My house is in a new survey and my tree is dead or dying. Should I request a new one?

If you live in a new subdivision and your tree was planted within the last two years, your tree may be covered by a warranty supplied by the Landscape Contractor.

If the tree has been planted for more than two years, the City can assist with any concerns. Dead trees which appear to have been properly cared for will be replaced up to three times. A different species of tree better suited to soil conditions may be planted in these cases.

Common Tree Choice and Request Questions

Who waters and trims the street tree once planted?

When first planted the City of Hamilton waters, mulches and put a protective collar around the trunk of your tree. After that watering and caring for your new tree is your responsibility. Visit here for tips on tree care.

All maintenance on your tree such as trimming will be taken care of by the City of Hamilton.

Can I have the tree planted off the road allowance and on my own property?


The Street Tree Program only plants trees on the City-owned road allowance of properties. City staff will come out to see if there is enough space to plant a tree on the road allowance of your property.

All trees planted on the road allowance belong to the City. They will be maintained by City staff and cared for by you.

May I have a tree planted beside an existing tree on the city portion of my lot?

Trees are planted at least 6 to 10 meters away from existing trees depending on the species.

City staff will see how much space is available and suggest tree species.

Can I have more trees planted on the city road allowance around my home?

You can have up to three trees planted depending on the size and layout of your property. Most properties will have one tree planted. Corner properties will have up to three trees planted.

I have had landscaping done on my lot. Can I have a Street Tree planted in the new garden/bed?

The Street Tree Program plants trees on the City-owned road allowance of properties.

We do not plant trees in existing beds due to potential conflicts with existing plant material. In some cases exceptions may be made in consultation with City staff.

My neighbour just had a tree planted. Your planting crews are in our area. Can I get a tree planted too?

Planting locations must be approved prior to installation. Planting lists are provided to contractors well ahead of the actual planting dates and new additions cannot be made to the lists that are active at the time of planting. If your request for a tree originated as a result of the removal of a mature tree, then the stump must be removed prior to a new planting.